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The company was born in 2016 when our family decided to
embark on a new sea and land adventure.

In 2020, there is an opportunity to become the owner of OceanEye Azores.

From the beginning we differentiated our offer from all the others existing on the island of São Miguel because our glass-bottomed boats is an exclusive product and a wonderful experience that you can only experience with us.

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Glass Bottom Boats

It was from these boats that the name of our company was born. These exclusive products differentiates our offer from all others in the tourist market of the island of São Miguel. The boats have a sturdy glass circular bottom with comfortable benches around so you can enjoy the journey and marvel with underwater life. We guarantee comfort, safety, onboard toilet and suitability for all ages.


This experience allows you to contact directly through diving, with the under life in the waters around the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo. This trip is carried out by another vessel, the Toranja, semi-rigid built for rescue operations. Therefore, a secure transport for your tour.


Be in contact with nature in its purest state, and sometimes wild, it is one of the permissives of the trip to the Azores for any nature lover. We offer the possibility to know the charms of the green of our island in another way, without the possibility of being bothered by external disturbances and also walking tours on private properties of our company.

Guided Van Rides

You come to visit the island of São Miguel and wanto to know its nooks without worries? OceanEye Azores responds to your search.

With our guided van tour you can enjoy the unforgettable landscapes of the largest island in the Azores. Our guide will be happy to share with you curiosities, historical facts and even popular sayings about the places you will go through.

New Activitie

Whale Watching

Soon our customers will have the opportunaty to do whale watching on our boat Toranja, stay tuned!


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