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OceanEye Azores offers you activities both on land and at sea.

Glass Bottom Boats

It was from the Glass Bottom Boats that the name of our company was born. This exclusive product differentiates our offer from all others in the tourist market of São Miguel Island.

Discover the life that lies deep in the Azores Sea with the greatest comfort, safety and toilet on board.

We are the only company on the island of São Miguel to operate a boat that allows you to know the wonderful and amazing Azorean seabed with the greatest comfort and safety. They have a sturdy circular glass bottom with comfortable seats around it.

Your experience begins at Vila Franca do Campo Marina where the meeting point is the OceanEye Azores kiosk. If you need local transportation we also guarantee. The trip takes place around the protected area of Vila Franca do Campo Islet and the beautiful beaches of this locality.

At the beginning of the tour, our biologist will give a short briefing about the rules to be adopted during the trip, as well as an explanation of the trip itinerary.

During it, historical curiosities will be shared with you about Vila Franca do Campo, while being dazzled by the fascinating clippings of the islet protected area.

You can also see unique and typical marine species of protected area, so all our care is redoubled. We will observe and identify the seabirds and crustaceans that complete the islet landscape.

Being on the immense surface of the sea we do not imagine the beauty that is the bottom of the sea. Imagine yourself comfortably seated gazing at the bleached stones that characterize the Azores seabed while being presented with spectable of our marine life.

Our biologist will always try to identify the species just seen, contributing to broaden your knowledge of the Azores seabed.

The Price includes:

Snorkeling equipment Accompaniment by OceanEye Azores guides; Insurance in case of personal accidents and civil liability.

We advise: Comfortable clothing; Raincoat; bathing suit; Beach towel; Snack; Sunscreen; Sickness medicine if you need it.

*Custom tours for friends, families, honeymoons and etc*

* In case of cancellation, you must inform us 24 hours in advance *

Kayak Tour

Relax and enjoy kayaking and discover the crystal clear waters of the Vila Franca do Campo islet.

Enjoy nature at your own pace.

*An activity for the whole family*


This experience allows you to get in direct contact through diving with underwater life present in the crystal clear waters around the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo and with all the species that give us their presence.

It is an incredible sense of freedom! Children love and it is a safe pratice for them as they have our proper accompaniment. This trip is made be another boat, the Toranja, semi-rigid built for rescue operations. Thus a safe transport for your ride.

Snorkeling can also be done near the Pedreira beach, one of the wonderful places where our tour passes.

Being on the high seas under a splendid blue and enjoying the course of the wild marine voyage is a must

We hope this trip will be etched in your memory and trigger your senses through the sea, the waves, the breeze, the sea air, the coastal clippings, the animals and their sounds. Tune into marine wildlife with OceanEye Azores.

Awaken your senses with this experience!

*Custom tours for friends, families, honeymoons and etc*

*Em caso de cancelamento, deve informar-nos com 24 horas de antecedência*


Looking for adventure? We have exclusive walks/trails, allowing greater contact with the wild nature of island of São Miguel. Being in contact with nature in its purest, and sometimes still wild state, is one of the perks of the trip to Azores for any nature lover.

Rota das Nascentes: Wild and adventurous trail for the bravest and water springs lovers. This trail follows the life stages of a water spring, walking side by side with it. We start by walking on flat terrain surrounded by dense vegetation, also endemic, where the clean and unpolluted air of the Azores Nature quickly takes over us. We go up a hill passing through different small streams hidden among the wild vegetation, where crystal clear water flows.

Lagoa do Fogo:Wild trail, full of endemic vegetation, that will take you to panoramic view, privileged and different view over the Lagoa do Fogo. From the highest point of the trail, beyonf the lagoon in question, we also have panoramic view to other points of the island, such as Povoação and Vila Franca do Campo. The Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, even if distant, deserves our attention. After all, it is around this protected area that ours glass-bottomed boats rides take place.

From our private properties we have access and privileged view over Lagoa do Fogo Beach, one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal in the Wild Beach category.

Fogo Volcano, part of the Natura 2000 Network, is classified as a special conservation zone and surrounded by dense and lush endemic vegetation.

The geological formations of the island's latest volcano and details of its activity can be the focus of your tour if you so choose to focus on this theme. Another possible emphasis given to your tour may also be bird watching.

Besides being presented with a special view, you will also get to know many endemic plant species.

The Price includes:

Accompaniment by OceanEye Azores guides; Light Meal Insurance in case of personal accidents and civil liability.

*Custom tours for friends, families, honeymoons and etc*

We advise: Light and comfortable clothes,a change of clothes, waterproof coat, hiking boots or shoes, hat, sunscreen, backpack, bathing suit and towel and water.

* In case of cancellation, you must inform us 24 hours in advance *

Guided Van Tours

You come to visit the island of São Miguel and want to know its corners without worries? OceanEye Azores responds to your demands.

With our guided van tours you can enjoy the unforgettable landscapes of the largest island of the Azores. Our guide will be happy to share with you curiosities, historical facts and even popular sayings about the places they will pass. Wou will stop at various viewpoints/sights, giving you the possibility to be in contact with the fauna and flora.

With about 744,6 km2 of area, our island has a lot to discover. Our tours last one morning or one afternoon, and there is always the possibility to create a custom tailored tour.

Our main tourist destinations are: Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo and Furnas.

The Price includes:

Transportation at the previously designated location; Light meal; Accompaniment by OceanEye Azores guides; Insurance in case of personal accidents and civil liability.

*Custom tours for friends, families, honeymoons and etc*

* In case of cancellation, you must inform us 24 hours in advance *


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